On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown

We Shall Not Return

Stuart Langfield

Born from a desire to create together in spite of circumstance, 11 international filmmakers collaborated virtually to build a statement of fear, persistence and hope. “We Shall Not Return” makes a case for a better tomorrow, one that works for all of humanity, not just the few. The film started out as a singular, deeply personal exploration of fear for our collective future, and a reaction to the idea of ‘returning to normal’. It became a testament to the will of creativity. A beautiful collaboration between a group of filmmakers across Canada and the UK, executed whilst working remotely, in isolation and observing regional lockdown rules during Covid-19.

Everything Stuart creates bears the signature of his attention to detail. Powerful visuals, carefully framed shots and consideration to lighting give an abstract cinematic beauty to all of Stuart’s films. His authentic yet uplifting visual narratives and his emphasis on score and sound to create atmospheric moods, lift the otherwise ordinary subject matter of his films to create moments of beauty, intensity, abstraction and emotion.