On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

Scarlet Medusa

Spencer MacDonald

Avocados and Coconuts

At the edge of a coastal tourist town in Japan, an aging scientist works to unlock the biological secret of immortality held in the life cycle of a tiny jellyfish.

I’m a director born in NYC, raised in San Francisco, based in Berlin, and currently on my twenty-ninth lap around the sun. The son of an oil painter and an architect, I have been steeped in the conceptual and functional from an early age. My interest in film began while living with eighteen Buddhist nuns in a remote section of the Indian Himalayas, known as Zanskar. In windowless kitchens, ancient dried-up riverbeds, and mountains high above the tree line, I learned the manual settings on my point-and-shoot camera and began to capture snippets of life in a way that calmed my chattering mind. Since then I have had the privilege of working on films in eleven countries, and have had work shown in film festivals across the world and featured online in many of the world’s largest media outlets, including National Geographic, The Atlantic, and NOWNESS.