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Sandor Waiss, Ahllem Bendroh


Sandor Waïss, is a French author-composer henceforth director. Under the pseudonym BBP, he has composed over the last 8 years more than 250 works for more than 50 albums of the greatest French Rap artists: Damso, SCH, Ninho, VALD, Dinos, Maes... Nevertheless, it is especially for his participation in the elaboration of the musical universe of the group PNL that he is the most recognized: notably for the accompaniment and the musical arrangement of their music videos. Although recognized for his career as a songwriter in French Rap, he is also passionate about image and cinema. While writing the album Broken Blue, he decided to contact the director Ahllem, whom he has known since high school, to think with her about an original image that would fit the aesthetics and the content of the project as closely as possible. Carried by their common references, their complementary experiences and the confidence they have in each other, they wrote and directed together this short film between music and cinema. After joining the Equal Opportunity workshops of the french film school, "la Femis" in 2013, Ahllem directed her first short fiction film "Chemin de Traverse" in 2014, which won awards at the "Génération Court" and « CinéBanlieue" festivals. Thereafter, she joined the Varan workshops editing section in 2015 and participated in the editing of two documentaries: Caravane Rose by Clara Beaudoux and Sachets by Wabinlé Nabié. In 2018, she directed a second short film - documentary this time - entitled « Fumant", which will get the special mention of the jury at the "Génération Court festival". Interested in the art of film in all its forms, she joined the project "Broken Blue" seduced by its hybrid format between music video and cinematic narration, and the sensitivity of the project. She works in parallel writing and directing her first full length film.