On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


Salomé Caballero

Kabiria Films

Claroscuro is the story of a jilted woman, a character that looses her mind because of love. The leitmotiv: animal conversion. The storytelling focuses in the persecution of the obsessions that surround our character and transform her, slipping into darkness.

Salomé Caballero grows among the world of TV and fiction, working both on documentary shows and drama series. Meanwhile she develops her work as director, creating editorial content and music videos in which she tries to find a hybrid between documentary, fiction, music and experimentalism, searching for new worlds full of atmospheres, sensations, depth and futuristic landscapes. She’ s had the pleasure of working in her films with top Spanish movie cast and among her passions are music, AI, electronics and, of course, great movies.