On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video, VFX
Shortlist - Music Video
Shortlist - VFX
Winner - Silver

Orelsan, Ensemble

Quentin Deronzier


To make the most out of our budget and timing, we decided to put together a team of passionate freelancers: 3 CGI artists and 2 flames to be precise, plus my humble participation when time allowed it. The goal was to have fun and create a playful piece full of little details that you only see after many viewings. The idea we liked the most was that you can watch this music video in 2 ways: The normal way, where you follow the side of Orelsan, and the upside-down way (by rotating your phone), where you see more of Mathilde point of view.

Creating otherworldly theatrical visuals, French director Quentin Deronzier has developed over the years a sharp eye and a unique taste for electric colour palettes and surreal concepts. Through his creations, he explores mind-twisting ideas always at the frontier between the real and the impossible. Quentin worked with countless artists, personalities and brands around the world. Among them Drake, his record label OVO, PartyNextDoor, Nike, PSG, XBOX, Campari, his ongoing collaboration with Petit Biscuit, his contribution to French rapper Orelsan’s awarded live show (directing his arena tour visuals) are some of the most significant ones. He also collaborated numerous times with Hollywood actor Will Smith in a short film and animated pieces