Flying High, Longlist - Branded


Pavel Brenner

Virgin Soil, Dagger

My creative partner Camilla Gai and I were approached by the brand with an open brief to present their three Summer sub-collections. All three had a very distinctive look and our main challenge was to find a way to combine them in one film. This is where our idea of three sisters came from. Each of the sisters had to be in their own element - corporate world for the oldest sister, streets for the middle one and school for the youngest. Early on we decided to make this commercial as close to a genre movie as possible. We had to find a special stunt for each sister and selected wushu, motorcycles and rope jumping. Besides featuring the sub-collections we wanted to empower Asian women. Our talented team made this all possible. With a spot on cinematography of Christopher Ripley, clean and reserved production design of Tyler Evans and, of course, amazing looks of Alexander Wang we felt confident we could create something special. We had challenges, as I'm sure many other productions working during Covid, especially with booking of our talent from abroad but managed to get everyone we needed in the US, thanks to our talented producers Malcolm Duncan, Fabien Colas and David Laven.

Russian born, LA-based director Pavel Brenner combines his cinematography and design skills to deliver a killer signature aesthetic and tone to all his work.