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In Your Eyes

Nikolaus Kohler


With his short film IN YOUR EYES Nikolaus wants to tell a single moment. A moment that may seem surreal, raises questions and provokes. The moment is calm - it is an observation that is not meant to be overloaded. It takes place and happens. The viewer is a silent participant, looking over their shoulders at the scenery and empathizing. Nikolaus plays with an intense soundscape and quiet images that are meant to immerse the viewer in a world of their own and unite them with the scenery. Deliberately, the story is meant to leave room for interpretation. The film is meant to be thought-provoking and to challenge the viewer to continue spinning and feeling the story with their own imagination.

Nikolaus Kohler (*1994) is a young director and editor from Munich. After various internships in the film industry, he completed his training as a film editor at the ARD.ZDF medienakademie in Nuremberg in 2017. During his training period Nikolaus had the opportunity to work with well-known German directors who inspired him to write his own stories and bring them to life. IN YOUR EYES is Nikolaus' first scenic short film production.