In The Making, Longlist - Branded

The Drama of The Drama

Nikolaj Fremming


This short film explores the dramatic circumstances under which a drama is created. At least that is what it feels like to the writer. The characters are unknowingly submitted to the chaotic mind of a filmmaker, and the winding road that must be travelled before a powerful story can emerge. With a premis like this it's tempting to go crazy with the script and have all kind of things happen. It took a lot of self constraint to land it at something more subtle.

With a background as a conceptual advertising creative and a student of acting in Barcelona, Nikolaj has a knack for emotional storytelling with a strong visual impact. Yet it is his belief in human kindness that is fuelling his quest to become a fulltime filmmaker. Films are a way to gain a higher level of empathy and understanding for one another. At best, films can improve the human capacity for compassion, which is exactly what the world needs at this point in time. To create the stories that can do this, Nikolaj is currently studying Script Development in a 2-year part-time program at the University of Southern Denmark.