On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

black midi "Eat Men Eat"

Maxim Kelly


Speaking about the concept and directing the video, Maxim adds: “I first listened to black midi in 2018 when my friend recorded a Live performance in his studio for NTS Radio. I think this might be one of their first-ever recordings? And it blew me away. So I'm thrilled to have the honour of making their latest music video. Concept wise, there was most of the story already in place in the lyrics of the song. I just worked to visualise that narrative whilst staying true to the band’s vision and song writing. So, I had this idea in my head of an old Silent movie aesthetic with inter-titles. But every now and then it turns into a “talkie” with parts of lip-syncing. It’s a structurally unusual song, so it’s wonderful when a track like this comes along and forces you to break your usual patterns and habits and push yourself as a director.”

Maxim Kelly is a Filmmaker and Photographer. For Maxim, the concept is everything. He’s all about substance first. He dismantles briefs, seeking to find the essence of the song, artist or brand and then develops outwards from there. Often finding a lateral and unconventional relationship to the themes and content of the brief. His work spans Music, Fashion, Narrative and Branded Content. His clients include Valentino, Linda Farrow, Sony, Vogue alongside recent Fashion Editorials for Red Thread and Hunger Magazine.