In The Making, Longlist - Music Video

Can't Let Go



We did around 20 takes to achieve the whole sequence shot as well as we could. Beforehand, I worked with Catherine, our choreographer, and Laroie, who’s dancing, to develop a series of movements not too far from what her body was doing naturally. We developed all the choreography based on the meaning of the song for her and I focused on linking emotions with movements. Obviously, we adapted it to the room we shot in to occupy the whole space and make it dynamic. We only did two short rehearsals a few days before the shoot and we created the rest on set. I always describe my ideas and projects in terms of emotions. I talk a lot about what I want it to feel like almost more than what I want it to look like. This is why I feel grateful to do this, being able to make people feel something. I think it’s the biggest difference between a video you see and forget and a video you see and remember: it made you feel something.

Maïlis is a Montreal based director with a background in psychology and production design. As a proud feminist, she is drawn to projects that empower women and provoke discussion. She always portrays her ideas in her own way without compromise. She believes that as image makers, we are responsible for what we create. To feed her artistry, she navigates between strength and sensibility. She’s all about visual work that exude emotions. Maïlis first music video was nominated both at the Toronto International Women Film Festival and the London Music Video Festival in addition to win Best Music Video at the New York Independent Cinema Awards.