In The Making, Longlist - Choreography


Mae Mann

I made this film as a means of catharsis - to understand my own struggle with depression. It's something I don’t know how to define or speak of eloquently - it’s been painful and tiring. I feel incredibly fortunate to be in a state of healing at this point in my life, but there was a time when I felt consumed - like depression engulfed me wholly. ROOM is a film motivated by that feeling - being consumed by something you don’t entirely have control over.

Growing up queer in a small southern town has shaped me into an artist unafraid of exploring the road less traveled while remaining sensitive to both my audience and subjects’ experiences. I tackle often overlooked themes in my work, delving into isolationism, mental illness, and identity - with an undeniable love for the underdog. Filmmaking has always been me figuring myself out - searching for a better way to articulate who I am and what I’ve experienced. It’s a form of catharsis. In art and life, I strive for honesty and am committed to the craft of storytelling. I’ve written, directed, and edited a dynamic collection of films that have played in festivals worldwide and hold numerous accolades including a Young Director Award, two Red Dot Design Awards, College Television Award Nominations, and two Gold Addy Awards. I’m passionate about people and telling their stories with simplicity.