On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video


LOOSE, Edie Lawrence

Stink Films

This film came from a conversation between me and Joe about being deep in addiction. You can feel like you’re on top of the world, but actually, you’re wasting away. He drives the motorbike so fast that his body flies away from his skeleton in the wind. We brought the idea to the unbelievable Edie and @jordchappell on VFX who meticulously worked away at bringing the madness to life. Also a massive thank you to the band and @partisanrecords @ellierumbold for trusting us with the idea, @shea__c @dommckiernan for making it happen and @holly_colour for bringing it all together. Half a year went into this one!

LOOSE is all about realness. She captures highly memorable moments which are full of a distinctive energy and unquestionable authenticity to always keep the viewer on their toes. She has worked alongside some of the UK’s most creatively forthcoming artists, including IDLES, Fred Again.., BERWYN, Kasabian & Joy Crookes, as well as brands including Kronenburg. The undeniable likability of LOOSE’s growing catalogue has been recognised by UKMVAs, Young Director Awards, Kinsale Sharks and the Berlin Commercial Awards.