Flying High, Longlist - Planet Positive

Persil, Real Change

Liz Murphy


This campaign isn’t about pristine clothes, shiny surfaces or perfectly manicured hair – it’s about change. And change is messy. The world is starting to wake up to the environmental crisis that faces us all and we need more than hashtags or half-hearted hope, we need action. These inspiring manifesto films for Persil are a call to arms, a rousing wild yell into the air to get out and get dirty to make a difference.

Liz grew up in Australia listening to John Farnham and watching Dirty Dancing on repeat. At school, she made stop-motion blu-tak man movies, and shot documentaries about her friends when she should have been doing her homework. Her passion is ‘to make stuff that gives people the feels’. Liz was named in Campaign’s ‘10 female directors you should know’ on account of her ability to elicit “stunning, emotional glimpses of life in all its peculiarities.” With a few award-winning campaigns under her belt, she moved to London in 2010 with a focus on creating beautifully shot, emotive observational films and narrative. Her deeply moving spot ‘Bear’ for the charity Grief Encounter featured in the prestigious APA show and Liz has won awards from bodies around the world including the ADC, Axis, BADC, Adfest and YDA. Now back home in Sydney, when she’s not making films she’s making elaborate Lego castles with her daughter - who is usually dressed as a mermaid.