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Konrad Begg


‘Hireth’ in old Cornish and ‘Hiraeth’ in Welsh means: Homesickness for a home to which you cannot return. An intense form of longing or nostalgia, wistfulness. The grief for the lost places of your past. Hireth is a film about the past and the present colliding with fatal consequences.

Konrad Begg is an award winning feature film, television and commercials director whose work has been recognised by BAFTA, Emmy and the Royal Television Society. Heralding from a land of dramatic light and epic natural beauty, these influences are part of the DNA of this Scot’s visually arresting work. His work ranges from the sensitive and naturalistic to the highly stylistic but always with an awareness of the human element that makes a connection to the audience. His latest film “Hireth” is due for release in Summer 2021.