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Kai Blamey Nguyen


A personal project conceived to raise awareness about men’s mental health. The film was made as a therapeutic process and aims to start a wider conversation about how we men express, or struggle to communicate, our emotional vulnerability.

Born into an Anglo/French/Vietnamese family of artists, Kai studied Fine Art film making before taking a back-step to learn his craft from the inside. Only by first working at grassroots with camera and lighting crews did he then step-up as an assistant, gaffer and eventually cinematographer, the role where his true heart lies. As a keen stills photographer and passionate scholar of film history, his influences cross cultures as well as centuries: Alex Webb, Wong Kar-wai, Khalik Allah, Jaques Tati, Arthur Jafa, to name but a few. His work melds social engagement, commercial practicalities and aesthetics into an original and cohesive whole: one in which multiple cultures, colour palettes and perspectives are not only able to coexist but flourish.