On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project


Jordan Findlay


Limbic is an experimental short film that examines the quantum physics phenomena of quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement occurs when particles become linked together in such a way so that a change in the physical state of one particle will be felt in another...regardless of the space between them. Through exploring this occurrence, Limbic considers how we might share a connection with one another in a way that is fundamental to our being yet still only beginning to be understood. Felt often in moments of striking emotion, shared in reverberations that cascade between our souls before finally delivering a solace. The feeling that we aren’t alone. Limbic explores the intersection of science and spirituality, finding comfort and meaning as the two intertwine.

Jordan was born and raised in British Columbia and began creating films at a young age. He has worked in the lighting department alongside some of North America’s most highly regarded directors and DP’s on ambitious commercial and narrative projects. Jordan brings a unique mix of intuitive creative ability and technical experience to his work. Jordan’s storytelling focus is around the act of human connection, consciousness, and highly energized emotion. His technical focus is on the use of film as a medium, the interplay between light and dark, and colour theory. Jordan seeks the beauty in the great outdoors, yet still stays attentive to the most minuscule technical details of a product, a camera, or a piece of clothing. Jordan taps into authentic human performances, as this is a critical component of his casting process.