On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal


Jan Vrhovnik


I wanted to shine the light on the small things in life. The everyday moments we take for granted, those too small for us to see, those we acknowledge only once they are gone. 
 I was longing to find the beauty in mundane everyday tasks. You know, the true essence of life. The life we all seem to be missing out on, in our fast-paced city lifestyles. 
 When we set out on the journey to make this film I couldn’t have expected the message to have resonated so profoundly. I am hearing the message of the film speaking to a very different world now. The world has literally flipped upside down since. The global crisis is the new reality. The virus has spread around the world and put us all to a stand still. We have a lot to learn from this. As philosopher Slavoj Žižek said - “now is the time to collectively practice humbleness”.

Jan Vrhovnik is Slovenian born and London brewed. Way before he was behind the camera, he had a couple of gigs in front of it, acting in feature films back in the day in Ljubljana. Picking up a pair of drumsticks at the age of twelve led to seven years of touring with his band. Laying hands on a camera at the same age shaped his life.   Drumming and snapping, he made his way to London to study contemporary music at 18 but the snapping turned into filming and this led to so much work, the degree was ditched in favour of filming promos. Still, the percussive background was all about flow, structure and feel – essential in his visual storytelling and leading him to commercial, fashion and narrative work as a cinematographer. Cue jobs for JW Anderson (for which he picked up an award or two), Sennheiser, Vogue, Dunhill, Fanta, eBay, Dyson and Aston Martin. The big names don’t stop there. He’s worked with the likes of Ian McKellen, Tom Felton and Rosie Huntington.