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We The Culture: Kemba

J.M. Harper

Park Pictures

J.M. Harper is a director and documentarian living in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn with quite a lot of expired Fuji 125T and a cat named Miles Davis. Raised in the cornfields of Rockford, Illinois, he learned how to wield a camera by making visually driven, human documentaries in Berlin, Senegal and across the Americas. A polyglot and composer, Jason embraces the multi-hyphenate path of cinematography, editing and directing. Jeenyuhs, a documentary on Kanye West, is his fourth feature documentary as editor. As a director, he was honoured as part of the AdWeek Creative 100 and nominated for a Webby. In his spare time, he teaches 16mm/35mm cinematography at a cinema arts non-profit called Mono No Aware. His film work has been featured at Sundance Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, AdWeek, Vimeo Staff Picks, FADER and the Guggenheim Museum.