On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film

Far From Now

Gustav Bondeson

Tarot Pictures

I’ve tried to take this time when the film industry overnight suddenly stood still, to make something creative of it. This resulted in “Far From Now”, a short film about two up-and-coming actors who find themselves in a world that increasingly begins to resemble the film that they are soon to be part of. A reflection of a time in lockdown when you start to question what’s important in life. Starring the two acclaimed Swedish actors Charlie Gustafsson and Félice Jankell.

Gustav Bondeson is a 22 year old self-taught director. He has created films in different forms since he was eight years old. Always with the interest of telling stories and awaken emotions, which he brings with him in everything from commercials and music videos to short films. Gustav’s latest short “Wasteland”, tells the story of a man reminiscing over the phone about the broken relationship he has failed to process. Wasteland won the prize for Best Drama at CineYouth Film Festival, and was screened at the Chicago International Film Festival 2019. It was also selected for the National Film festival For Talented Youth [NFFTY] in Seattle. Among Gustav’s other work is an upcoming short starring Swedish artist Joy M’Batha and a youth culture-short about friendship that premiered on VICE. He has also directed commercials for companies such as Spotify, JM and Vinge.