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Glauco Canalis, Spencer Young

Glauco Canalis - Studio Mare

This short film was completed independently with a budget of less than 5.000€, largely financed by the director himself with a contribution from the Milan based Creative Direction company Studio Mare. The production involved over 20 people, all of which worked out of passion and believing in the idea till the end. The number of adversities that have been faced during the 2 days filming are countless. Although it is worth mentioning that the crew was hit by a snow storm which made it impossible to return to the hotel at the end of the day 1 of filming, as well as complicating the whole filming process during the day, for which many scenes had to be cut out of the narrative. Despite the difficulties the outcome has gone past the expectations and it's been globally premiered on NOWNESS on the 25th of April 2022

Glauco Canalis is a London-based photographer and filmmaker originally from Sicily. His work reflects the notions of identity and place, and how these reflect the narrative of our time. Focusing on the Mediterranean, where he comes from, and the UK, where he currently lives, he produces his work questioning the idea of what these images will mean and convey in a future era. In this post-dated perspective, everything becomes relevant, attitude, fashion, architecture and the landscape the subjects inhabit. The documentary aesthetic of his work has informed his commercial work, making it his distinctive look to bring out a raw and personal angle from the subjects and matters he portrays.