On The Cusp, Longlist - Music Video

B1N0 ft. Ferran Palau, BUM BUM

Frank Lucas, Anna Cornudella

Japonica films

BUM BUM is a music video about mourning. A mental portrait in which it becomes impossible to define the limits of reality. An approach and exploration of the pain that introduces us to a universe of strangeness and unease.

Frank Lucas (1988, Barcelona) is a writer and director, interested in working on the limits of the audiovisual, intertwining storytelling with music, plastic arts, architecture and fashion, with a deeply aesthetic imagery and a storytelling full of weirdness. Anna Cornudella (1991, Barcelona) is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily as a director and art director. Her work moves between cinema and science, focusing her interest on the human being, the individual, and hierarchical structures within society. All of her projects revolve around bioart looking for alternatives and social utopias.