On The Cusp, Longlist - Lockdown

Mothers' Aid & Live Without Violence, Isolation

Emilie Thalund & Christina Amundsen


The contributors' list for the new film 'Isolation' for the Danish organizations Mothers' Aid and Live Without Violence is a rare sight. Award-winning photographers like Kasper Tuxen and Jasper Spanning are lined up next to directors like Martin de Thurah and Martin Werner, as the film was created during lockdown in Denmark with footage donated by colleagues of directors Christina Amundsen and Emilie Thalund. Every year 33,000 children in Denmark experience domestic violence. During this time of crisis and lockdown that number grows dramatically. Luckily organizations like Mothers' Aid and Live WIthout Violence have hotlines open for anyone who is concerned about a child’s wellbeing, which is the focus of the film.

Emilie Thalund is a director from Copenhagen, Denmark. She burst onto the international scene in 2018 as she won gold at the Young Director Award in Cannes for her film 'Period.' – a bold and artistic take on a topic that is virtually a taboo worldwide. Since then, she has continued to create visually stunning narratives and has worked with brands such as IKEA and Pandora. Copenhagen-based director Christina Amundsen's work has been acknowledged at festivals all over the world. She started out working with documentaries, music videos and creating visual identities for musicians and designers, and she has since then added commercial work to her repertoire.