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Shortlist - Personal

Circle Through The Night

Edward Paginton


“Circle Through The Night” – starring actor and movement director Anders Hayward – is about a Depeche Mode super fan, disconnected from everybody around him, whose obsessive love for his favourite band surpasses any real-life relationship. It’s a story about an outsider, struggling to find his place in the world. Like a creature of the night prowling the empty streets, he seeks the intimacy spoken in the words of his favourite songs, that now haunt everywhere he looks. However, this sense of freedom and escapism only comes when dancing to music alone at night, in an otherworldly portrait of what it means to be simultaneously in-and-out of love. Inspired by British artist Jeremy Deller’s documentary ‘Our Hobby is Depeche Mode’, which explored super fans from around the world in contexts often totally removed from the bands origin, what struck me was how this obsession had morphed over time into more of a trans-generational cult-like following. My film focuses on a specific moment in that documentary where a young fan dances by his car to 'Strangelove' in a large parking lot. For me, this was the starting point to build and expand on a private and intimate universe born out of DIY fan culture on what it means to be truly and obsessively in love.

Edward Paginton is director, photographer and writer from London, represented by Iconoclast. Creating work for clients including Nowness, Burberry, Lacoste, 032c, Mustang, Rolls-Royce, The Travel Almanac, The Guardian and more. With a focus on subverted narratives and subcultural references, Edward's films are often informed by profiles he has done on some of the world's most iconic figures in art, music, fashion and culture. Such as Cate Blanchett, ARCA, Nils Frahm, Laurie Anderson, Anne Imhof, Christopher Bailey, Max Richter, Gilbert and George and many more.