Flying High, Longlist - Animation, Music Video

X Ambassadors, My Own Monster

Daniel Iglesias Jr.

Stray Dogs

This project was a total labor of love for everyone involved, including our post house Mathematic - we couldn't have even attempted this without them. Sam from the band brought me the logline concept of a man's shadow morphing into a cartoon monster and doing a soft-shoe dance routine with him. Then we elaborated the world around him to feel like a cross between Sin City and Toon Town. On our budget we couldn't afford to make the VFX in a 3D way, so from the get-go we knew there could be no camera movement - which I liked because it forced us to put all the creative power behind the things that mater: the dance, the world, the content of what's happening; rather than relying on big camera moves as a crutch. We were really inspired by the 80's film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and wanted to do a similar approach of fusing modern tech with old-school craft. So I put a storyboard of ideas together that focused on clever moments between Sam and his shadow, visually creative vignettes, minimalist designs, and pre-vis'd the whole video beat-by-beat. Then came the choreography which was all put together in an animatic, and we used that as our bible for post. The pre-meditated nature of everything around our creative was super fun!

Daniel Iglesias Jr. is a director/performer living in Los Angeles.