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Dan Steit

Stink Films

Joji & 88rising approached me with a loose concept of making a lofi video that follows a crew of misfits experiencing a chaotic & aggressive lifestyle. I brought in producer Andy Ruse, who helped me mould the idea to highlight the absurdity & misery of overly-masculine posturing, as well as find incredible subjects with associate producer Adam Talan. Tommy & Leigh Murray helped us with everything in between. I'm not sure if I've ever had more fun making a video with my friends.:-) From here, I came up with an approach that involved getting a bunch of the same cheap DV camera models and sending them around to people to capture chaos around them. I knew I wanted to blur every face in order to simultaneously film whoever we wanted and preserve the authenticity of everything feeling real. To help produce, I brought on two friends, Andy Ruse and Adam Talan, who I could trust to contribute exciting ideas for subjects to involve and scenarios we could exist in."

A California native, filmmaker Dan Streit began directing low-budget music videos with musician friends from his social group during college. After sharpening his skills as an editor and animator, he began working with Diplo and Major Lazer, and has gone on to direct videos for Justin Bieber, BROCKHAMPTON, and Charli XCX, to name a few. Citing David Lynch, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and Malcolm in the Middle as formative influences, he’s attuned to the suburban uncanny and the latent absurdity of TV advertising. “My work has the sensibilities of a cartoon, but played in real life” he says.