On The Cusp, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction
Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction
Short Film - Fiction
Winner - Silver

Invisible People

Dan French

Sticker Studios

This film came off the back of a brief conversation I had with a man experiencing homelessness. I watched him walk down a train carriage as everyone ignored him one by one. It's something we're completely used to, not looking up but in that moment I saw how dehumanising it must be. I made eye contact and did the standard "sorry I don't have any change" and was shocked to see him smile and thank me for speaking to him. He said no one had spoken to him for hours. It's a tough situation and one that won't necessarily be solved any time soon, but the main aim of this film is to make us think about how we treat people living on the streets.

Dan is deeply interested in telling stories. These range from hard-hitting topics such as social media's negatives effect on young people’s mental health in “Declan J. Donovan - Perfectly Imperfect” through to lighter comedy work in "Snacksy - Be Snacksy". Dan finds and latches onto the story in everything he does. He is known for his technical directorial style, with in-camera effects and high-energy edits becoming a staple of his commercial work. He is always looking to push each creative brief and combine this technical style of filmmaking with the narrative-based storytelling he’s passionate about.