Flying High, Longlist - Animation




In their first collaboration with Tencent / Riotgames for the mythical game League of Legends, CRCR have conceived and directed a cinematic trailer that is equal parts epic and emotional. Even if you aren't versed in gaming or the release of the Phoenixmancers skins in China, it's easy to be in awe of the world CRCR have created, and the commanding and intricate lead characters, Xahya & Seraphine, who they brought to life to protect the temple of the famous Anivia, a major figure in League. Girl Power!

CRCR is a French collective whose members met at Gobelins, the most famous animation school in Paris. From their first films as a collective and interns at WIZZdesign, CRCR have garnered international attention and developed an ardent fanbase with their modern and quirky style. As mixed-media innovators and artists, CRCR use their wide graphic palette to direct commercials and music videos with an ever-increasing artistic vision and energy, and along the way have picked up a Young Director Award nomination at Cannes, Silver and Bronze Cubes at the prestigious ADC Annual Awards, “Animated Commercial of the Year” at the Shots Awards, , and most recently a Gold Lion at the Cannes Lions in 2019 among others.