On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project, Short Film - Fiction


Christopher Rogers

Vision Artists

The film was an entirely self funded and self produced project. A genre hopping narrative piece looking to blend the pace and aesthetic of a music video, while crafting a humanistic and relatable story. Focusing on the idea of 'the friend zone' - a sci-fi music film set against the backdrop of a futuristic landscape.

Chris is an independent director living in East London. Having graduated from the Bournemouth Film School, Chris has spent the last few years directing a variety of projects. Creating a selection of music videos, short films and other content. With a particular interest in format, Chris' work often tries to blend genres. Attempting to showcase his interest in a wide range of different subjects and aesthetics. As well as working as a writer and director Chris also works as an agent at Vision Artists. Managing a roster of cinematographers and production designers and heading up the Film and Television Department.