Flying High, Longlist - Short Film

Today You, Me Tomorrow

Chris Neal

Great Guns

When considering the modern-day allusions of the enduring ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ parable, you wouldn’t expect inspiration to come from an unassuming comment on the internet. But, back in 2010, Great Guns director Chris Neal discovered just that. Browsing the internet, he stumbled upon a Reddit thread asking users if anyone had ever picked up a hitchhiker. One response, from a user called rhoner, detailed why he always chooses to help those in need, telling the story of how a Hispanic family once came to his aid when his car broke down. The story had great impact, with over 7,500 upvotes on the site and a follow-up article in The New York Times. Chris too was struck by the comment and has, ever since, wanted to bring the story to life. Ten years later, ‘Today You, Tomorrow Me’ was born.