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Shortlist - Short Film - Fiction
Short Film - Fiction
Winner - Gold

When The Clapping Stops

Cameron Perry


Most people, if not everyone, have been affected by the work of a care worker in some way. The first time our writer, Sam, told me of his experiences as a carer, I knew this was a story with a purpose and a message wider than its runtime. Hopefully the film can feed into a conversation around providing Carers with the support they deserve, in return for the support they give. With Clap For Carers and the COVID pandemic as a backdrop, we hope to show that carers aren't heroes; they are ordinary people, doing an extraordinary job, through challenging conditions.

Cameron Perry is a British film director whose work is defined by a focus on societal stories and an attention to human connection. His previous short film called 'Better Together' found success winning the UK Nespresso Talents and was consequently screened at Cannes Film Festival that year.