Flying High, Longlist - Dance

Koki Nakano - External Cephalic Version

Benjamin Seroussi

Art Bridge / Quad Group

“This track is very intense and Koki and I chose Marion Motin to work on it. It made sense to use her and her moves, which are very powerful. She has this mix of strength in her body gestures and she's very quick, she moves very fast." Koki agrees, adding "the intensity of Marion Motin’s dance fits with the concept of this composition. Benjamin suggested to me the idea to have a real mother and son relationship for this video. It made so much sense to me." says the director. The concept is that this whole place is just one place. The choreography takes place in different parts of that location and is shot as one scene. The director intended from the beginning to use every colour and background as one place, not making a difference and not trying to create an idea of movement throughout the space integrating and working with the blue sky, the clouds and water as elements that could interact with the graphical, simple and minimalist architecture of Ricardo Bofill, putting forward Marion's dance. Another interesting element is the choreographer’s son. With a young and quite wild nature, it was ideal! The film needed an innocent and fun aura. In the video, it never seems that anything was for him: “We were just having fun and adapting the filming to whatever he was doing for us. His appearance is quite brief, but it brings a bit of warmth to Marion, who is almost like a warrior in the attitude she has in the video and in her gestures. Seeing that she is a mom and watching that little boy interacting with her gives a bit of poetry to the video” says the director.

For over a decade, Benjamin Seroussi has developed his career as a creative filmmaker mixing technologies and filming styles as well as experimental post-production effects. Frequent collaborations with leading designers, cinematographers, choreographers, and musicians provide the backbone of his multidisciplinary approach. The exploration of new formats and processes is also central to his work for art projects and for commercial clients.