In The Making, Longlist - Short Film - Fiction


Anuk Rohde

This short film took me 2,5 years to finish. This is probably the most personal project I’ve done - it’s my baby. I went through several narrative versions, 2 VO versions, 4 edit Versions, 3 color grading sessions, 2 VO recordings, a reshoot for the self help group scene… the list is long. Im really proud of this in a way, beacause for the main part of the film it was only @pataldingerdp and me in my hometown in Spain during vacation. I casted some kids on the streets and just went with the flow. We all know 2020 has been crazy and let me tell you Pat and I lived a few crazy traumatizing things on top, and suddenly the whole story developed really quickly for me and I felt I had a purpose and story to tell. One of my main topics in this film, are the many facets of what (childhood)trauma can be and how it goes hand in hand with how you develop as an adult. Honestly, I didn’t realize until finishing this film, that film actually helps me so much to work up things that I’ve lived since being a kid that have affected the way I have developed as an adult for sure. I’ve learned tons about myself and how to grow a healthier way to exist (far away from good but still). It makes me really happy to see that I’m (trying) to become a better person, and that I'm being able to leave things behind by making films that mean something to me. It feels like I’m shedding my own skin in a way. Even though struggeling with the negative sides of being (a woman) in the film industry, passion projects always make it worth it. How crazy is it to hold a whole story in your hands that YOU did from scratch? I hope some people enjoy watching this story & thanks for all the lovely and caring support from our team and cast! Im so greatful that people actually care and want to be part of something that means something to me. And thank you for selecting this film.

Anuk Rohde is a Berlin-based director with Spanish roots. Her primary focus is always on authenticity and real individuality in every aspect. Being able to shift beauty standards to a larger extend is the constant energy that drives her work. From the narrative to the cast and styling, she wants to take away the fear of taking a risk while pushing the visual language to it’s maximum. Being able to capture the essence of realness by illustrating a recurring underdog narrative, she’s captivates the audience into a raw and honest world. She wants her aesthetic to feel intimate and nostalgic but at the same time uses contrasts by portraying a character as authentic as possible and almost having a documentary approach, while stimulating the fantasy with a visually metaphorical interpretation. Anuk wants to make you feel and experience an explosion of the senses- translated into a visual crescendo.