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Andre Bato


SYNCING SOUNDS is a three-part docu-series commissioned by celebrated Swiss watchmaker, Audemars Piguet. Director Andre Bato presents a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship, featuring legendary superproducer Mark Ronson and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Lucky Daye. In this ode to collaboration, we see Ronson and Lucky in the midst of their creative process as they write, produce, and perform a new song. Produced by ANDRE BATO FILMS.

Bato’s main focus has always been to reinterpret any medium he works with. In an effort to give viewers a new way in which to enjoy media, Bato explores the non-traditional, hoping to push the boundaries of filmmaking past its current threshold. In 2017, he founded his eponymous creative agency and production company ANDRE BATO CORP. Marking the beginning of his career as a filmmaker, Bato went on to direct commercial work for brands such as NIKE, Zegna, Spotify, Pepsi as the company forged relationships with household agencies like Conde Nast, M&C Saatchi and Team One. Today AB CORP films have received attention from film festivals worldwide, as well as establishing a following among the artist community. Between AB FILMS and AB STUDIO, ANDRE BATO CORP continues to create and consult for companies and artists across a diverse array of industries and disciplines. 2021, Bato was part of the Winning Class for the Young Guns 2019, an award recognizing emerging talent under 30s. His debut narrative film “Good Morning”, a five-screen cinema installation, premiered in the fall of 2021.