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“Sacrifice” is a music video shot in 16mm film, that unravels the concept of grief, catharsis, love and reparation of a couple devastated by loss. We see Rojo, a street fighter, and Baby, a dancer, struggling with grief over the death of their son and fighting to stay together despite the deep pain that traverses them. This piece seeks to represent the characters in their most vulnerable states: exposed and trying to redeem themselves. Showing each other their love in its most organic forms, in all the dimensions of their sacrifice.

Amaury Barrera is a 27 year-old Mexican filmmaker & writer. Graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana with a filmmaking specialisation. He also studied Fashion Photography at Academy of Visual Arts and Literature at Escuela Mexicana de Escritores. Through his work in filmmaking, writing and photography, Amaury Barrera not only searches for a unique aesthetic vision but also for an emotional and deeper representation of the human experience. Wanting to expand beyond singularity, the Mexico City based creative aims for a collaborative process which can broaden his perspective and reach what is invisible in the world.