On The Cusp, Longlist - Personal Project

Forever Young


This film IS a passion project because it was made with just heart and soul - no money, no production company, no technicians involved… The credits list only includes 4 people - 2 fathers and their 2 sons. This project is entirely self-produced and created with personal amateur equipment - made with a budget of 500 euros for props. Our main goal was to teach our 10-year-old children the love of cinema, commitment to a common project, the challenges, the doubts, the things that don't work and those that work better than expected. This project is a love letter to cinema, and to our kids, and to their natural creativity - we allowed them to share all their ideas, they learned to film, to edit, to try things. All we had was time and the freedom and desire to complete the project. Submitting the piece to festivals, winning prizes, etc, is really the culmination of our education to them; doing things with passion brings unexpected results... This is just the story of two 10-year-old kids who wanted to make a film, and the story of their 2 fathers who had nothing else to do.

4 THE COOL is a French collective between Michel & Nico : directors / producers and their sons, Sacha and Robinson : directors / actors