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Having worked together for several years and becoming good friends with incredibly similar taste, HANDS was born out of a shared love for the music video art form by Joceline Gabriel and Sarah Boardman in 2017.

HANDS is a director representation company looking after some of the best music video talent. We pride ourselves on long-term relationships with a curated roster, helping to develop directors from their embryonic stage into world class directors.

Joceline Gabriel has been repping directors since 2004, she kick-started the careers of directors like Megaforce, Francois Rousselet, Ninian Doff, Henry Schofield and The Sacred Egg. Prior to this she was a commissioner at Parlophone Records.

Sarah Boardman was head of music at Pulse Films, producing videos that won awards including D&ADS, Ciclope, Cannes YDA, and UKMVAs – including best director in 2016, 2017 and best production company. She was nominated herself for Best Producer in 2015 & 2016. Prior to this she was EP at Riff Raff Films and Soixante Quinze.

When was the last time you felt truly alive and inspired, and what triggered it?
We feel truly alive and inspired everyday! And the tiniest things can trigger that feeling. We absolutely love what we do and are often inspired by the people we work with. This year we have been blown away by Rosalia, especially!