Mzi Kumalo

Co-Owner and director

Osu & Kumalo

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Mzilikazi “”Mzi”” Kumalo is a well respected commercials director within the South African commercials industry. Best known for his profound way of delivering memorable character performances coupled with a strong aesthetic eye.

Mzi is a vibrant, positive and energetic being, who has an appetite for new cultures and global trends. This is translated through his work that is culturally relevant and engaging. He continues to surprise audiences with a refreshed outtake of his creative work. He has a keen interest in telling authentic stories and showing the unspoken dynamic in human relations, Mzi says “the subtleties we exchange speak volumes. That’s partly why I enjoy being a director, there is so much involved in our communication as human beings and its great that one gets to craft and curate that for screen, be it through advertising or telling stories’’.

When was the last time you felt truly alive and inspired, and what triggered it?
Truth be told these days I’m constantly inspired, the journey of starting our company called Osu & Kumalo has been amazing the team keeps growing with every challenge. Walking into the office inspires me because we're working on a dream we’ve spoken about for a long time and now it's our reality.