Marine Sellier

Video commissioner and art buyer

Sony Music, Paris

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I studied media management and film production at ESG Paris. After an MBA, I started working at Paradoxal Inc in New York, where I was in charge of the music video department for two years.
Back in Paris, I joined Rods as a music video producer to develop directors and new talents.

Since 2015 I have been a video commissioner and art buyer at Sony music France in the image department led by Emilie Urbansky.
We choose directors, photographers, stylist and glam staff to build the image of the bands of the label.

I was born in…

I now live in…
Still in Paris 😉

I’m listening to…
Very different kind of music depending on my mood from Fleetwood Mac to Kendrick Lamar.

Mostly biographical books. I feel most inspired by people’s lives and I appreciate more a story when I know it was real. And I also read a lot of magazines (I prefer image to text).

Dreaming of…
Having a biography of my life.

I wish I’d known when I was 18 that….
You can have fun and be passionate while working

My most valuable social media app is…

What’s not to love about…

What epitomises right now?

Where’s the next creative centre…
Everywhere now thanks to the internet. It’s all about chasing it and being inspired.

Best advice you’ve ever been given…
I am not sure of the English translation but it would be something like ” it’s important to be able to lose time to gain some more.”

In the end what really matters…
To be curious and dare because it’s never too late to learn and love. But in the end, really, nothing, as we are all going to die.