Loren Bradley

Executive Producer


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Loren Bradley’s commitment to craft has made her one of the leading Executive Producers in Australia.

At FINCH, Loren has used that commitment to push the boundaries of traditional advertising, foster new, diverse talents, and create meaningful work.

Acknowledged for her insights into the industry and her work at one of Australia’s busiest production companies, Loren has sat on juries for D&AD, Cannes, Ciclope, AWARD Award, YDA and New York Festivals and has served on the Committees at AWARD Awards & AICP.

Before joining FINCH in 2019, Loren worked in film, television and design, disparate industries united by their emphasis on the importance of craft. Some stand-outs from her career include Tourism Tasmania’s ‘Come Down For Air’, ‘Reluctant Sea Shanty’ for UNHCR, ‘Equality: Our Final Frontier’ for UN Women’s, the branded documentary Losing Lena , and the ‘Good Different’ campaign for Aldi.

Though different in their approach, all these spots highlight the importance of innovative storytelling that meets audiences where they live.

Loren believes that craft is improved when the industry is dominated by diverse voices with untold stories. This philosophy has driven her involvement in films for the UN and UNHCR, as well as her work with the charitable conservation initiative The Lion’s Share, and lecturing for Creatable, an education disruptor that aims to open the door for women in tech.
She has created a FINCH scholarship and an internship program to help uncover stories that have been too long neglected.

For these accomplishments, amongst many others, in 2018, Loren was named as one of AdNews’ Top 30 Emerging Leaders in the Australian advertising industry.