Jane Yatsuta

Co-owner, MD & Executive producer


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Jane Yatsuta is a co-owner, managing director and executive producer of the Radioaktivefilm company. Over the 20 years of work there are thousands of advertising projects, hundreds of music videos and dozens of documentaries and feature films in Radioaktivefilm’s portfolio.

During 15 years in film production, from producer’s assistant Jane has grown to co-owner of the business, and Radioaktivefilm – from the pioneer of Ukrainian film production to 18 Cannes Lions and worldwide recognition as the “”Best Service Production Company of the World” by SHOT’s awards.

Since September 2019 Jane runs freshly opened service production company 247 x Radioaktivefilm Poland, which represents joined forces of 2 the biggest service production houses in Europe: 24/7 (Portugal, Spain & Canary Island) & Radioaktivefilm (Ukraine, Georgia).

When was the last time you felt truly alive and inspired, and what triggered it?
I was recently hiking through Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and at some point I found myself nearly at the top of a mountain covered with forest. It was sunset magic hour and all of a sudden herd of horses came out into clearing. They were peaceful & friendly. That landscape, with all the beauty of the lighting & smells of meadows & pines gave me true feeling of being alive..