Frank Funke

Founder / Festival Director

Berlin Fashion Film Festival

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Frank started falling in love with the industry of celluloid-art at Berlin based commercial production company Big Fish in the late 1990s. Since then he’s been working on Promos, TVC’s and Television Shows in various positions, before becoming a seaman. After sailing the world for a couple of years, he returned to the shores of his hometown Berlin. In 2012 he founded Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

Since then BFFF has developed into a leading platform for creative filmmakers, agencies and brands. It defines “state-of-the-art-filmmaking” and provides the environment to discover trends and talents and to kickstart new possibilities.

I was born in ….

I now live in…
The constant urge to improve and to create something new.

I’m listening to….
My wife (she says, I should do that even more!)

My child grow. The most fascinating and surprising storytelling one can imagine.

More emails than books.

Dreaming of…
Reading more books than emails.

Sometimes I wish I were …
More focused. But there’s too many intriguing things out there that distract me whenever it’s (in)convenient. And to be honest, I actually enjoy those distractions pretty much!

My most valuable social media app is…
A good restaurant or bar.

In the end what really matters…
Is passion, authenticity, honesty…and above all: family!