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Elsa Rakotoson began her career in fashion and photography magazines between Paris and London. Passionate about images, she joined the world of audiovisual and advertising production in 2003.  In 2009, Elsa founded Frenzy Paris and became at 29 years old, one of the youngest founders but also one of the few women to head an independent production company in the advertising market.

In 2015, she created Frenzy Picture, a structure dedicated to the production of digital content, which also officiates as a creative studio for the luxury industry and key accounts worldwide. In 2018, Elsa Rakotoson pursues the Image development of the group, by acquiring Hirvi, a company dedicated to art films and fiction.

At 40 years old, and with a strong award-winning career, Elsa is now turning to a committed editorial line and projects, both in terms of diversity, inclusion, and promoting the French talents.

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