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24th July 2012
Six of the best creative music videos
Title of film: The Presets - Youth in Trouble
Director: Yoshi Sodeoka
Trippy art, Gwen back in the hot seat, classic blues, and some wonderful punch ups in this month's spectacular mix of musical merriment

Roll of honour goes to:

The Presets, Youth in Trouble directed by Yoshi Sodeoka
No Doubt, Settle Down directed by Sophie Muller
Khalil BB88, directed by Vernie Yeung
Hot Chip, Look At Where We Are directed by Danny Perez
Remix Your City,Fresh Push Play by HIFANA, W+K Tokyo (A music video but more of a short film about Hifana sampling sounds around Tokyo using on iphone and ipad.)
Howlin’ Wolf, Evil, directed by Royale


No Doubt, Settle Down

Director – Sophie Muller
Production Company – Oilfactory
Executive Producer – Billy Poveda, Jay Wakefield
Producer – Grant Jue
DP – Rodrigo Prieto
Production Designer – Laura Fox
Stylist – Paula Bradley
Hair- Danilo
Makeup – Gregory Arlt