1.4 Jury Profile – Jonas roth & Rasmus Smith Bech


Creative Directors

4 Creative, Channel 4

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We left the familiar surroundings of Copenhagen in 2010 to join KesselsKramer in Amsterdam. From within the walls of the old church we made Ben swim with a non-waterproof cell phone, Holland scream for culture, and turned the sounds of pigeons into music.

After a few years we moved Grey London where we misspelled an iconic newspaper name, made cyclists more visible on the roads and promoted art using only words.

Next stop was Paddington, Adam&EveDDB. Here we formed a friendship between a chick and a cat, taught Cristiano Ronaldo a new trick while trying to put an end to online bullying. All good things must come to an end. Ronaldo moved to Juventus and we went to 4 Creative at Channel 4.

Somewhere in between all of this, we also created a very very very long website named ‘The 100 meter scroll’ which has been said to be “The biggest waste of time” and “Best game after Mario”.

What preoccupies you most at present?
Finding a way to get more attention than Trump.