1.4 Jury Profile – Mathew Brown


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Matthew left school and fell into making tea for directors one of whom was smart enough to see something in his above average brewing capabilities and let him produce (thank you mr Kaye.) One thing lead to another and 15 years and many tv commercials later Matthew helped set up Knucklehead.

He loves it. Absolutely fucking loves it. Loves working with smart talented people. Loves discovering new smart talented people. Loves the excitement of the pitch. Loves making great work whether it’s a commercial, a music video, a short, a doc or a feature. Loves an award or two. Loves being a Knucklehead.

He also loves his family, Leicester City and bicycles. Though not always in that order.

What preoccupies you most at present?
Honestly?……right now it’s whether or not to have that mackerel bahn mi from the little vietnamese place on the corner for lunch again.