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Lief is a filmmaker-driven production company creatively making high quality content with access to unique exceptional talents with an unmistakable individual style.

Founded in 2017 by Margo Mars, one of the most respected and well known creative executive producers in advertising across the UK. Having previously managed two global commercial production companies, she has a proven track record of innovative & imaginative approaches. Her work has won numerous awards, including Cannes Lions Grand Prix, D&AD, Clio Gold, Ciclope Gold, British Arrows, LIA Gold, Campaign, MVA, VMA, Kinsale, SHOTS and Tribeca X.

Lief bolsters a curated roster with a profound understanding of the content market. Together, we create work that stands out. Lief is not just about the very established, #NEWLIEF is where we discover, introduce and build directing talents that have clarity.

Our aim is always to create stories that audiences want to see, and that we want to tell.

Filmmakers include Alma Har’el, Danny Sangra, Eva Michon, Elisha Smith-Leverock, Leonora Lonsdale, Lily Baldwin, Natasha Khan (aka Bat For Lashes), Adi Halfin, Alice Russell and Lola Young. The possibilities for creating authentic, delightful & inspiring content with us are endless.

What preoccupies you most at present?
‘Lief’ dominates my mind at present! My creative brain works instinctively and uses up all that part, yet when it comes to my practical brain, it follows a very deliberate course and is non-stop – the two combined pretty much occupy the entire scope of electrons firing away in there…
Apart from maybe the tiny bit behind my right ear, that dreams up beautiful wild treasures for me during a brief moment every night… my latest brainchild is WILD LIEF, where Lief’s creatures get to run wild and free..

Latest work:
Elisha Smith-Leverock, Miss Black Germany trailer
Danny Sangra, Vogue x Selfridges ‘Everything Looks Better in Eyewear’
Natasha Khan, DITA ‘Light Beings’