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Jamie is a comedy, documentary, animation and feature director. After leaving St Martins he won a D&AD gold for the BritArt campaign he co-created at Mother with his then creative partner Kim Gehrig.

His career then went rapidly downhill as he decided to follow his dream of making late-night low-budget TV.

Subjects included breakfast cereals, Minigolf, robot dogs, wooing Swedish princesses, a holiday around his bedroom, the losers of the Junior Eurovision and the slowest swimmer in Olympic history.

Timeslots and budgets gradually improved and Jamie went on to work with some of his favourite comedy talent including Karl Pilkington, Jack Whitehall, Steve Merchant, Cardinal Burns, Joe Thomas, Jamie Demetriou, Flight of the Conchords’ Rhys Darby, Tim key, Katy Wix, Jon Thompson, Charlotte Ritchie, Ricky Gervais and People Just Do Nothing’s Steve Stamp and Asim Chaudhry.

Double Bafta, triple Broadcast & a bunch of other awards nominated, Jamie is currently developing a feature project for Film4.

What preoccupies you most at present?
I’ve just started an evening class in repairing furniture at Tower Hamlets community council. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing there but I’m finding it strangely satisfying / therapeutic… that and my three year old daughter.