1.4 Jury Profile – Anna Sundbom


Head of New Business & Marketing

B-Reel Films BR*F – Scandinavia

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Anna Sundbom has worked at production companies for nearly twenty years. After graduation and a year in France, she studied journalism in Stockholm, which accidentally led her into taking a temporary job at a local production company. It was instant love and she has stayed in the film business ever since.

Anna is known to be a great advocate for Scandinavian creativity and been active promoting it internationally.
Over the years, she has developed a great network and has worked with many renowned and respected directors such as Andreas Nilsson, Martin de Thurah and more.

After 6.5 yrs at Bacon, she has joined B-Reel Films as Head of New Business & Marketing. Here she will lead and develop the company’s long-term presence in the Scandinavian and international markets.

What preoccupies you most at present?
I am super busy getting to know everyone and everything at BR*F. It’s a big world of so many talents and great creative minds the it consumes me completely.