1.4 Jury Profile – Abi Pearl Ward


Head of Advertising


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Having worked agency side, and now in house with the brand, Abi’s benefited from being able to fully commit and push boundaries ‘from the inside’ with giffgaff’s creative approach to advertising across production and media.

Lucky enough to have some great collaborators by her side, the brand have made iconic work with Like Minded Individual’s Tracy Stokes, Rattling Stick’s Ed Morris, Who Wot Why and Dark Energy, and most recently Partizan’s Matthias Hoene

What preoccupies you most at the moment?
A lack of sleep, mainly due to being preoccupied with thinking about…

Taking risks – will they pay off? Taken a few recently, two out of three have come in. One more to go. Eek.

Budgets – one of the risks above… but do we have enough, have we got the balance right, the list goes on

The future – what next? How will we push things further? Will I be alive at the end of it?!