30th November 2018
1.4 party album
Meet our winners, winers, diners and party goers who made the 1.4 Awards Party of Brilliant Filmmaking such an inspirational evening


It’s the only down to earth commercial event I have ever been to haha and the food was the best ever.

What a fabulous party for the 1.4 awards – we had a great time, and it was lovely to watch such inspirational work and see the winners presented.

SUPER FUN night. 

A great evening last night, it was a huge success.
Loved watching all the work on the big screen.

What a wonderful night. I really enjoyed being on the jury and all of us from the agency who came along had an absolutely cracking evening. We’ll be back next year.

A huge thank you for last night’s party. You put so much thought and care into it and it really shows. The wine was absolutely delicious, the food a delight and the work shown beautiful. 

Thankyou so so much! Can’t believe I won amongst such amazing people so that was really mad and everyone was lovely!

What a bloody brilliant night. I left feeling inspired by and proud of the amazing talent out there…not what you can often say when leaving an industry do!

My god what a amazing evening. I loved it and i am happy to have taken the trip.

Congrats it was brilliant! I LOVE that Chaka Khan vid by Kim G. So, so good. 

Such a good evening thank you! 

We had a great time and were happy to be a part of the event. The judging was fun too, there’s some really great work out there. Everyone is really happy.

A wonderful night! Congrats for hosting a great do!

It was so wonderful! A lovely evening and fun boogie afterwards.

It was an awesome night , great work a good balance of young / seasoned / Independent / high end cross-section of work, true to the 1.4 spirit. It was lovely to see everyone and it was so relaxed.


Photography by @stevestills


Steve Stills photography